Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shoe Cover Magic dispensers easy to use?

The dispensers are easy to load and use. Application and removal are so easy, it’s like magic.

Can I buy direct from Shoe Cover Magic?

Yes. We have a direct purchase sales department.

Can I reuse shoe covers?

No. We do not want to risk contamination once shoe covers have been worn, so each shoe cover should be used once and not reloaded.

Are there financial benefits to your system?

Yes! Your employees will save time applying and removing shoe covers, which will save your company money. Our system is also extremely safe, which results in less paid time off for employees who may get injured on the job.

Do Shoe Cover Magic dispensers need to be plugged in?

No. Shoe Cover Magic dispensers work by kinetic energy, therefore do not need to be plugged in.

Do the removers help avoid germs and other contaminants?

Yes. With our remover system, there is no need to touch the used shoe cover. They will all be contained in a disposable bag.

Does your system make using shoe covers safer?

Yes. The risk of falling while putting on a shoe cover is eliminated, since there is no need to balance on one foot.

Does using your system, specifically the dispenser, increase productivity and efficiency?

Yes! When using our dispenser system, it takes approximately 5 seconds to put on a pair of shoe covers. The industry average is 35 seconds. There is a definite increase in productivity when the application process is 7x faster than the industry average.

How long does it take my order to ship?

Your order will ship from our warehouse in 1-3 business days.

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