Shoe Cover Dispensers

There’s a simple reason we came up with the hands-free idea – it’s crucial in today’s busy world. When you can put on a shoe cover in roughly 5 seconds, there is no disruption to your daily routine or schedule. With our system, there is no need to worry about contaminants or germs – it’s completely hands-free! You and your employees can continue about your day in a speedy, safe, and sanitary way.


Shoe Cover Removers

The remover is the final piece of the puzzle. By choosing a Shoe Cover Magic remover, you are choosing the magical ending to your perfect system.

Much like our dispensers, our hands-free removers help protect against germs, while giving you a speedy process to continue your day. We know that you and your employees have more important tasks than taking the time to removing shoe covers, especially if this happens multiple times a day. Our products are designed to help you get back to business.

Shoe cover double

Shoe Covers

The most advanced and versatile shoe covers on the market, our booties are anti-skid and anti-static to serve industries across the board. Our shoe covers are both waterproof and durable, which proves beneficial in many situations.

So fast, it’s like magic.

shoe cover machine