5 reasons why you need Shoe Cover Magic this winter


5 reasons why you need Shoe Cover Magic this winter

If you’re a medical professional, cleanliness is second nature. You learned all sorts of contamination prevention tips, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic’s masks, sanitizers, and extra disinfecting practices. Of course, latex gloves and shoe covers are part of your cleanliness arsenal.

But every clinic, lab, and hospital’s need for cleanliness skyrockets when the first snowfall hits — just last week, Alberta was hit with a massive snowfall.

Ask yourself: after spending hours maneuvering out of their driveways, are your patients and staff thinking about drying off their dirty boots when they walk into your clinic? Probably not. They might feel overwhelmed by the reason for their visit.

Shoe Cover Magic makes life easier, safer, and more efficient for healthcare professionals and their patients. And that rings 100X more true in the winter!

We’ll cover five reasons your clinic or ER needs Shoe Cover Magic this winter, specifically our shoe covers and dispensers.

1.   Shoe covers reduce the risk of slips and falls

Wintertime in the foyer can be a slushy scene of madness. And your mats won’t save you. If your office gets a lot of traffic, those mats become soaking wet and become just as slippery as the floor. Plus, they retain water and gunk, making your entranceway look not-so-appealing.

Shoe covers remove the risk of slips and falls by retaining every bit of slush within their chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), waterproof bounds. So you can say goodbye to slip-and-fall lawsuits.

Shoe dispensers minimize the time between a patient’s entrance and shoe cover application, further reducing the risk of slippery floors.

2.   Shoe covers keep things clean

Wintertime means your clinic foyer is more prone to dirty marks and grey slush. That’s not a good look for a medical establishment. The last thing you need is a health inspector deeming your beloved practice unsanitary. Or worse — patrons complaining to your regional offices or on social media.

Shoe covers make it easier to keep your place of business clean. You won’t have to worry about spending more on janitorial labour, or interrupting your appointments to mop up the floors.

Our shoe covers fit up to size 15, accommodating es even the biggest boots! An elastic band around the ankle secures every bit of slush inside the shoe cover — a magic guard protecting your clean, freshly disinfected floors.

3.   Shoe covers reduce bacteria spread

Healthcare facility floors, especially hospitals, are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Ever heard of C. Difficile or Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE)? You might better recognize them as their end result: sepsis, colon issues, and compromised immune systems. Yikes!

Imagine a patient leaving your clinic or hospital just to deal with an infection right in time for the holidays. You don’t want that.

Shoe covers help you maintain floor hygiene and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. Plus, our dispensers keep everything hands-free, minimizing contamination even more!

4. keep the EMS team speedy and efficient

Imagine your EMS staff slipping and sliding in the foyer. A slip and fall could immobilize them, and even if it didn’t? The few seconds wasted could be the difference between life and death. And shoe covers are just one part of the equation.

Sure, the ER could make them mandatory — but paramedics don’t have time to sit down and get their shoe covers on, and who could blame them? Someone’s life is literally in their hands!

Your paramedics need shoe covers and quick, hands-free dispensers to quickly transfer patients from the foyer to the ER.

5.   Shoe covers give you and your patients peace of mind

At the end of the day, we’re all human beings. We all deal with stresses and hardships, and those issues just feel more exacerbated in the wintertime. Patients might groan at yet another inconvenience — so we try to make life easier for them.

As for your staff? We don’t need to remind you of the average healthcare worker’s plight. You’re dealing with overworked, stressed employees that would benefit from as many efficiencies as possible in the workplace.

Shoe covers and dispensers prevent winter-themed issues in your practice, speeding up application time by 4X! No bending, sitting, or leaning required to get those shoe covers on!

Retain Winter’s Wetness with Shoe Cover Magic!

You shouldn’t have to add Winter slush to your list of risks and worries at the clinic. Your energy is better spent helping your patients.

Shoe Cover Magic is an approved vendor for Alberta Health Services (AHS). We’ve served countless AHS facilities and clinics across the province with reliable, speedy, clean shoe covers and dispensers.

Ready to embrace a safe, slush-less clinic this winter? Order your Shoe Cover magic dispensers and covers today!


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