Disposable Shoe Covers for Touring Showcase Homes

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Disposable Shoe Covers for Touring Showcase Homes

Open houses and show homes should feel warm and welcoming. Your clients want to envision their new potential living space, and the thrill of a perfected showroom can win over the toughest of buyers.

But a single open house could have hundreds of families, couples, and kids with dirty footwear trek through a staged home. Do you ask everyone to take their shoes off? Such a request can feel awkward or leave your guest uncomfortable—the solution: open house booties.

Why Use Disposable Shoe Covers for Home Tours?

Open house booties are disposable slip-on garments that protect guests’ shoes and your showroom floors. Instead of having home viewers walk through barefoot (or worse, have them decline the showing), a selection of booties that cover their footwear can allow the tour to continue without any issues.

Plus, shoe covers will help protect the quality of any property. Any rain or dust brought in by guests from outside remains trapped within the bootie. The secure barrier separates materials that could stain or erode tiles, carpets, and other high-traffic areas. In addition, your clients will appreciate the steps taken to prevent mud and other messes from tracking into what might be their new home.

Even real estate agents can use disposable shoe covers to keep the property rapid sale-ready while performing routine maintenance.

Benefits of Using Shoe Cover Magic

Our shoe covers are built with quality components so that you can offer a safe and sanitary home tour.

Non-slip soles: Ensure no one falls or trips as they tour through the home.
Secure fit: Shoe coverings feature strong elastic bands that keep booties on throughout the home tour.
Customization: With 15 different disposable shoe cover options, fit multiple types of shoes according to your business and real estate needs.
Water resistant: Durable polypropylene material prevents rain and other outdoor weather from marking up the new flooring.
Disposable: All soiled, open house booties meet industry standards and are easy to dispose of.

The Shoe Cover Magic 3-Step System

For an even greater air of professionalism and cleanliness, Shoe Cover Magic offers the most efficient three-step disposable shoe cover system. Hands-free dispenser and remover stations make the slip-on and disposal process simple and easy. When placed at the front door or porch, you can prevent bunched lineups at the guest entrance and give extra assistance to those with support needs.

Check out the Shoe Cover Magic system in action to see how easy it is to use. Gain the benefits of shoe covers with minimal hassle.

Keep Your Show Home Sale-Ready

Shoe covers can turn awkward show-tour conversations about footwear into a courtesy display of professionalism. Keep your show homes sale-ready to offer the perfect first impression to your open house clients.

Contact Shoe Cover Magic today to learn more about our disposable shoe covers for your next home showcase/Parade of Homes.


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