How Shoe Cover Magic’s Flow Saves You Time in 2023

How Shoe Cover Magic’s Flow Saves You Time in 2023

How Shoe Cover Magic’s Flow Saves You Time in 2023

You’re rushing to your shift at the clinic, and you see a bottleneck of patients and colleagues stumbling around the lobby. Dirty shoe covers pile up in the corner as people line up and struggle to get theirs on and off quickly. Some patients just walk right in, bumping into each other and ignoring the shoe covers completely.

Talk about traffic. Where’s the flow?

The commotion sets the tone for the rest of your shift. Things just feel hectic; congested. You patiently wait for the crowd to disperse, and wouldn’t you know it, you’re clocking in late.

Foot traffic went down with all the phone appointments during COVID, not counting hospitals, of course. But these days, workplace foot traffic is up by 300% since the start of the pandemic.

Now, we’re happy everyone’s back at work and patients are getting care. But unmanaged foot traffic causes chaos. Shoe Cover Magic helps mitigate that chaos by enabling better human flow at work.

We’ll cover how our shoe covers and dispensers work, and how they support better flow of foot traffic, and the resulting benefits.

How Shoe Cover Magic’s Flow Saves You Time in 2023

Shoe Cover Magic’s Dispensers and Covers: How They Work

Health professionals put their necks on the line every single day to care for patients. That’s why hospitals and clinics have so many protocols in place to protect their staff, from sanitizer stations and wellness checks to regular cleaning schedules, and, of course:

Shoe covers.

Shoe covers protect your clinic or hospital from endless germs found outside. But not all shoe covers or shoe cover systems are created equal.

Shoe Cover Magic sought to fill in the gaps. Speedy, safe, and sanitary are our three main priorities. And the “speedy” side helps reduce congestion in high-traffic areas.

Our SCMLG Large Dispenser model is perfect for moderate or high-traffic areas. You can fit 110 shoe covers inside. The result? About 110 visitors and colleagues can get their shoe covers on up to 4X faster.

Let’s look at what that speed looks like for the rest of your operation:

1. Hands-Free Application Saves Time

A patient walks in, and you can hear them dragging all that winter slush into the lobby. Thank goodness you have some shoe covers handy.

But if you don’t have one of our high-speed dispensers?

That patient will fumble around looking for a place to sit or a wall to lean on to get on their shoe covers, transferring all those germs and contaminants from their dirty boots onto their hands.

Of course, you still have endless sanitization stations for them to wash off the yuck from their hands. But that minute or so wastes precious time. The whole application, in general, wastes time.

Shoe Cover Magic dispensers are hands-free. That means every application is smooth and seamless, keeping things moving in the workplace.

2. Shoe Cover Magic Minimizes Cleaning Time and Traffic

What’s your janitorial schedule like? We’ll bet you ramped it up during the slushy winter months. Every hour, the cleaning crew comes to the lobby with a bucket and a mop, slowing traffic even more. Sure, your janitors need to do their job. But the fact that things are so messy causes even more of a bottleneck at your entrance.

Shoe Cover Magic’s dispensers reduce the mess in the foyer. Meaning? Less time cleaning and less cleaning crew traffic.

3. Quick Application Maximizes Staff Breaks

It’s time for your 15-minute break. You take off your shoe cover before heading outside, then apply a new one once you finish your break. Multiply that by however many staff you have onsite in a given day, and that causes even more bottlenecks.

On top of that? Clunky shoe cover applications eat up precious break time — an important chunk of time for staff to refresh and relax before coming back to the thick of it.

The solution is Shoe Cover Magic’s dispensers and removers. Dispensers speed up application by 4X, and our removers accomplish that same efficiency.

Lobby? Flowing. Staff? Happy. Clinic? Sanitary. It’s a no brainer.

See how much damage a little bottleneck could cause? A quick, easy shoe cover application is a great way to reduce bottlenecks and keep patients and staff happy.

Talk to us about how Shoe Cover Magic can support your medical business’s sanitation and operational goals this year!

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