June 2022 Recap

June 2022 Recap

June 2022 Recap

June has been a busy month for the Shoe Cover Magic team! Our sales teams went to Europe and Canada to show how our 3-step system makes applying and removing shoe covers a breeze. Let’s recap the busy but wonderful month!


Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Our Sales Director, Dick Kampfe, went across the pond to the United Kingdom and Ireland’s leading event for medical device supply chain intelligence. This expo is full of designers, engineers, innovators, and manufacturers looking to explore new ideas and understand the latest technologies in the medical and healthcare sector. While our products aren’t necessarily new, they play a vital role in the medical and healthcare industries and will continue to do so for years to come. 


Dick was able to perform live demonstrations of our products to the other attendees and show the actual efficiency and effectiveness of our system.


Here’s Dick at the show! 


June was a busy month for Shoe Cover Magic, but it was great! We were able to not only showcase our products and how they can help in a wide array of industries, but we were also able to extend our current offerings to the UK and Canada! 


Our products have been around for a few years, but our limits are endless. We are always looking for the next industry or company that we can help with our 3-step shoe cover system. This month provided those opportunities, and we are so thankful for it! Please contact us via email or phone for additional information or to request a quote.


We look forward to helping you help your business.

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