Shoe Booties for Animal Lab Technicians

Animal Lab Technician Shoe Covers

Shoe Booties for Animal Lab Technicians

Cross-contamination risks can easily ruin lab culture tests, which is why stringent containment techniques are necessary for keeping a research lab environment safe and clean. The issue compounds with animal research.

Working with and handling lab animals introduces unique hazards and makes meeting stringent lab biosecurity measures even more challenging. Since shoes can be a significant cause of lab contamination — not to mention that footwear is one of the dirtiest household objects — wearing disposable shoe booties is a way to reduce the risk of research contamination.

Shoe Booties in an Animal Lab Environment

Let’s explore how shoe covers can help limit the spread of harmful bacteria in an animal research facility.

1. Shoe Covers Protect Lab Workers From Occupational Health Hazards

All persons entering a lab setting are typically expected to wear protective coverings, such as lab coats, head coverings, and shoe coverings. In an animal lab, shoes can pick up all sorts of germs from discharged animal fluids, whether from sputum, blood, vomit, urine, or feces. Protective clothing and equipment like slip-resistant shoe covers worn over closed-toed shoes help safeguard animal lab technicians (and their footwear) from exposure to potential pathogens. Protective coverings also create a physical barrier against hazards from animal bites, scratches, allergic reactions, and contact with zoonotic diseases.

2. Shoe Covers Protect Lab Cultures From Cross Contamination

Environmental controls like wearing shoe booties help mitigate the spread of pollutants tracked into research facilities on the human bodyHands-free dispensers and removal stations for disposable shoe covers reduce hand contact with shoe surfaces before and after personnel enter a lab, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Shoe Cover Magic’s Eco-Friendly Shoe Covers

Shoe Cover Magic’s eco-friendly and anti-static shoe covers offer a waterproof and light-duty, degradable shoe bootie that is ideal for protecting animal lab research and personnel. Soiled SCMPE-D booties can be easily disposed of and will degrade within 12-24 months.

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