Shoe Cover Magic: A Proven Solution to Reduce Contaminants in Mining and Construction Workplaces

Construction or Mining Staff

Shoe Cover Magic: A Proven Solution to Reduce Contaminants in Mining and Construction Workplaces

Shoe Cover Magic Help Minimizes Contaminant Spread

Surely your staff uses shoe covers before entering sanitary spaces with their dirty boots — but what if they’re in a rush? They might groan at the thought of sitting on a bench to put on a shoe cover, or toss used shoe covers in an open space if there isn’t a clear disposal system.


Now, there’s the application process. Your construction or mining staff might be tired after a long, laborious day. Make their lives easier with a fast and simple shoe cover application process — our large dispensers do the trick.

Our SCMLG large dispenser is great for high-volume areas with a capacity 110-shoe-cover. It’s 4X faster than a manual application, keeping your operation’s flow going while you prevent contaminants from entering your office space. The best part? They’re completely hands-free, no need to look for a bench. Electricity isn’t needed either; all you need to do is place the dispenser in the lobby and let us handle the magic!

Finally, your workers need to remove the shoe covers before heading back out to site. Our shoe cover removers act as easy, hands-free receptacles that can hold anywhere from 500-2,500 shoe covers! Take that dirt, wet and contaminants!

Protect Your Workers with Shoe Cover Magic Today!

Construction, energy, and mining industries put enough pressure on your hardworking staff. Long hours, dirty conditions, and chemical exposure risk are daily reality for them. Your job as an employer is to help them feel safe at work so they can do their jobs correctly and confidently.

One of the best ways to protect your workers from contaminants is through an effective shoe cover system. Shoe Cover Magic is here for your shoe cover, dispenser, and remover needs. Contact us today for the fastest, most sanitary shoe cover solution on the market!

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