The Gift of Hands-Free


The Gift of Hands-Free

The Gift of Hands-Free

Winter is a busy time of year for hospitals and clinics alike. Rough road conditions cause more car accidents, and the chilly weather brings bouts of flu and colds.

Medical SaaS company ZocDoc analyzed medical appointments and found January to be the second-most busy time for doctors’ offices. Of course, you can’t discount the holiday accidents that happen in December, as patients flock from other clinics that reduce their hours.

So, how do medical professionals manage the hectic holiday season and beyond?

For starters, nurses, techs, doctors, and everyone else in the medical field have unparalleled strength of character and dedication to get them through.

But why not offer a bit more support?

You could prepare and protect staff and patients with the gift of hands-free: hands-free shoe covers from Shoe Cover Magic.

Shoe Cover Magic: Covers, Dispensers, and Removers

Shoe Cover Magic’s products make shoe cover application speedy, safe, and sanitary.

Our system starts with the shoe cover. Our collection features a shoe cover for every setting. Anti-skid? That’s most of our shoe covers, improving traction and friction for maximum coverage.

Construction and maintenance personnel arriving? Try our SCMCP525, aka our waterproof model with an extra chlorinated polyethylene layer — perfect for work boots and large winter boots.

Each shoe cover is made from durable polypropylene material, with a strong, secured elastic to keep all the wet slush inside.

But the real magic happens in the application.

Countless clients lament the time and effort it takes for patients and staff to get those darn shoe covers on — traffic jams in the foyer, slips during the application, and overall chaos.

Here’s where the gift of hands-free comes in: our shoe cover dispensers.

We’ve eliminated the frustrating, time-consuming, and frankly — unsafe conditions — surrounding shoe cover application.

Our dispensers have a sturdy, novel design that makes the application time 4X faster while protecting clinic and hospital patrons from falling and acquiring germs.

Plus, you don’t need to plug it in or worry about getting caught in the wires. We feature two models:

  • Large dispenser: 110 shoe-cover capacity with a handle
  • Small dispenser: 55 shoe-cover capacity


But we offer the gift of hands-free on the way out, too. Our third product line is the shoe cover remover. After leaving a medical establishment, your shoe covers will be filthy from all the snow on the inside and contaminated with germs on the outside.

Our shoe cover removers allow you to step out of your shoe covers without ever having to touch them. Our three-sized gallon receptacles keep the dirty shoe covers out of sight and out of mind while minimizing the hassle.

So, why is hands-free a gift? We’ll cover some benefits below.

Why Hands-Free?

After the pandemic, people quickly got used to using hand sanitizer and taking hand washing more seriously. It’s not just your health on the line — it’s others as well. So, how does hands-free promote that safety?

For starters, hands-free shoe covers reduce the contamination of germs. How? Hospital floors are crawling with bacteria, so you risk bringing it home if you don’t wear a shoe cover. Similarly, people could transport germs on their shoes from the outside, contaminating clinics and hospitals.

This is especially vital in the winter when more viruses and bugs are crawling around health settings.

The second argument for hands-free is efficiency. A few seconds can be the difference between life and death in a busy hospital. Do you really want paramedics stumbling around getting those things on? Absolutely not!

Even if the stakes are smaller, busy labs and clinics welcome a little extra stability and productivity to keep things moving. The extra speed will ease patients’ and staff’s minds, offering just a little relief in a stressful situation.

Give the Gift of Hands-Free

Whether you’re a busy hospital preparing for the busy season or a clinic looking for ways to support staff, consider the gift of hands-free for your team and patients.

Our shoe covers, dispensers, and removers are vital assets to Alberta’s medical settings and keep things sanitary and safe.

Curious about our offerings? Browse through our products or contact us for a quote!

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