Declutter and Organize Your Workplace with Shoe Cover Magic

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Declutter and Organize Your Workplace with Shoe Cover Magic

Did you know that clutter affects workplace safety (and sanity)? That’s one of the many reasons Shoe Cover Magic is in business — to make sanitation measures faster, cleaner, and safer.

Let’s say you manage a team of energy or construction professionals in Canada. You have safety mechanisms in place to protect your workers as much as possible, right? Plus, they face some of the toughest working conditions, with inclement weather, isolated work locations, and physically taxing tasks.

The same can be said for staff in the medical field. We’re talking doctors, nurses, admin, medical equipment techs, and more.

Now, would you want to add to that stress and lack of safety with a disjointed, disorganized sanitation process?

With long lines of staff waiting to manually put on shoe covers?

Or frustrated crews struggling to find clean shoe covers amidst a sea of used ones strewn about without proper storage?

Or would you rather make their day go as seamlessly as possible?

If you’re leaning toward the latter, we can help. Shoe Cover Magic declutters your workspace and streamlines your sanitary measures. The result? A more organized, peaceful workspace (and staff) with fewer janitorial costs!

Clutter in the workplace: why it’s damaging

You might have energy industry professionals put on shoe covers before entering neutral spaces to prevent contaminants from making their way into the office. But after a long shift, they’re tired and ready to end their day. Instead, employees scramble to get their shoe covers on, congregating in the front lobby and creating a mini traffic jam.

Here, we see a clutter of people. Now, you might think it’s no big deal. They’ll eventually sort out their shoe covers and carry on home or with their day.

But clutter is surprisingly powerful. A disorganized mess can lead to:

  • Trips and falls with LTIs (lost time injuries, where employees get hurt and you lose productivity at work with their absence).
  • Contamination and extra costs for cleaning and repair
  • Lower productivity and idle time waiting

And that’s all the physical stuff in a warehouse-type environment. Mix in the hazards of energy, construction or a medical professional’s day-to-day? That clutter soon becomes a health hazard. Not to mention the mental strain. Clutter has a clinically proven link to emotional exhaustion and stress.

But if you eliminate that clutter? The results are nearly priceless. You’ll have more confident and content employees in every industry. Plus, you’ll reduce liability to your business for accidents resulting from clutter.

Here’s how to do it.

How Shoe Cover Magic dispensers and removers reduce clutter

Think of all the problems with your existing shoe cover system. Maybe it’s a small box of shoe covers that is always empty or never in the same spot, leaving employees to hunt down their next pair of shoe covers. Perhaps your entrance or transition area is now filled with chairs or benches, creating congestion in an already too-small space.

Bottom line? That extra clutter hurts your employees’ mental health and makes their work environment less safe.

Enter Shoe Cover Magic’s Large Dispensers (SCMLG). If you’re working in a fast-paced, intense industry, the SCMLG has your back. It’s designed to maintain cleanliness and flow even in high-volume areas. Here’s how our large dispenser organizes your space:

  • Speed: We’re proud to say that our dispensers boast a 4X faster application time than your typical shoe cover system. When staff members flow through your workspace that much faster, you’ll notice a serious reduction in people clutter.
  • No loose shoe covers: Ever seen a workspace with a gross pile of shoe covers in the corner? How about in a small trash bin overflowing? Yuck! Our shoe cover removers keep those dirty covers out of sight and out of mind in a 10-, 33-, or 55-gallon receptacle. Plus, your staff won’t have to touch any oil or dirt when you take them off with our contactless solution.
  • Easily situated and confined: Ever misplaced a box of shoe covers? The boxed solution isn’t always visible, leaving people searching — plus, stray covers clutter up the area. Our dispensers are easy to locate, come with a convenient handle, and store up to 110 pairs of shoe covers inside.

Reduce Clutter with Shoe Cover Magic!

Your staff works hard every day, whether in a laboratory, warehouse, food processing facility, construction or energy facility, remote mine, or hospital. The least you can do is keep things organized and convenient for them.

Ready to declutter with us? Get a quote today!

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